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DIY Deep Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair: Follow Up

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hair Items 008It was a success!

My previously dry hair really did feel nice and healthy. I qualify this state as feeling soft and smooth with bright color. Instead of crispy, rough and blah.

After I washed out the mixture, I combed it out with my hands. It was at this point I realised that the grains of oatmeal might be a tad problematic. I continued smartly however. I used some left over deep conditioner from the soft sheen carson dye as a leave-in as well as some curl booster- fixative gel. 

Next I toweled off the dripping water (remember scrunch gently rather than rub) and put my hair back in a shower cap and tied it up with my head tie.

Later on in the night, maybe five hours later, I got down to brass tacks. I took a large toothed comb and gently coaxed the remaining oatmeal out. [WARNING alot of oatmeal will end up on your clothes and on the floor, no worries though it comes of easily.] Anyway, by this time the hair was so soft! I massaged in my usual hair care products- coconut oil, shea butter and olive care.

I have never ever plaited my hair on my own but my hair was so soft and manageable that I couldn’t resist playing up in it some more.  So I actually did my hair into some large plaits with the intention of undoing the next day and seeing whether I could get a piecey fro (I’ve seen it recommended in some blogs).

Deep COnditioner with Banana 014

But this morning I woke up, was about to unplait my hair, when I struck upon a notion  of putting on a beanie-I’ve been wanting to put a beanie on for some time now- so I borrowed one from a friend and rocked that for the day.

Deep COnditioner with Banana 047

Deep COnditioner with Banana 030

Certainly there are benefits to this beanie thing. It means I can leave in these plaits for long and maybe get an even more pronounced style. Usually I do the much longer task of getting my hair cornrowed at the front and twisted in the back and then I’d wear a beanie over it for a few days before untwisting the hair and the back and getting a twist out fro.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after I’ll undo my hair but I’ve been loving the beanie look so much, it might be a while.

Meanwhile, the plaits do make it so much more easier to distribute the oils evenly around my hair. I just rub the product along the plait from root to ends. And for the first time, I can pay special attention to the ends of my hair.


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  1. Latoya permalink
    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 3:18 PM

    wat did u use. cus i cud use the moisture now wid dis dye job! care 2 share?

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