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Beanies All Around!: I’m in Funky Beanie Mode <3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beanies 114

     In my follow up post about the DIY Deep Conditioner, I mentioned the beanie trip I’ve been on, needless to say I’ve continued along this ath of fancifulness and raided several of my friends closets in search of the coveted beanie.

I call them beanies but I’ve heard coofy and beret and simply knitted hat.

     Still, they are cute, sexy and very endearing; and all around great way to cover up hair and go out into the world with style.

I tried it three ways, full on, a lil off and laid back.

  Beanies 042 

  For the lil off I slick down the first inch or so of my hair with my gel (I usually add a bit of shea butter for moisturizer first) and wrap it tightly with a scarf so that it will form slick pronounced waves (idk but thats really the best way for me to do it). Then I put the beanie on just exposing the slicked down area.

      For the laid back look recall that I plaited my hair in big ones (see the DIY Deep Conditioner follow up) so  for this do I just drag the beanie back  about say five fingers back or until my short ones won’t pop out and be sticking up in the air.

  Beanies 053Beanies 061

Below are just some other beanies I managed to come by.

This one is less poofy.

Beanies 075Beanies 076

This is a thick cream one, still not as poofy as the pretty coloured one.

Beanies 141Beanies 143

The best way to know if you want to buy something is to try it on in the comfort of your home. I’ve definitely seen the light on the versatility and stylishness of beanies. Fairly soon I’m sure I’ll be showing off my newest head accessory purchases!

❤ Kinjee.

p.s. All comments are welcome!

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  1. Wednesday, December 2, 2009 8:35 AM


  2. Monday, November 9, 2009 8:19 AM

    ALL OUR STOLEN COOFYS!!! i love your blog

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