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Demodex Mites and Hair Loss

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now believe you me, I have never heard about this one before so I thought I absolutely had to share it with you!


Mites + Hair ???

 According to a UF/IFAS news release, your hair problems may be caused by mites.


      Apparently, most people have thousands- maybe even millions- of tiny mites living in their hair and skin. The thing is that most people live in a kind of symbiotic relationship where the host is not adversely affected by the presence of these bugs. The mite known as – Demodex mite- lives in the hair follicles of around 97% of all people and feeds on the oils, hormones and fluids in the follicle.

 (Photo by Jerry Butler/ University of Florida)


      Though the link between mites and hair loss is not conclusive, there is heavy evidence that an explosion of these mites in the hair can indeed cause serious problems. Certainly humans are not immune to what canines may similarly encounter- mange-like symptoms- and so if your you are concerned by this news….you definitely have every right to be.

     I will be researching any possible methods for eliminating the demodex mite from the hair. Stay tuned for more information.

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