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Tip of the Day

Friday, November 6, 2009


34414     For tighter curls, do twist outs. The hair kinks up much tighter when in two strand twist. The result: hair appears smaller and shorter.

     For looser curls do plait outs. The hair is locked in a longer curl, due to the use of three strands. The result: your hair appears bigger and longer.

     For a more intense curl pattern, do smaller sections of your hair in  plaits/ twists. Less hair in the twist or plait means more coverage of the plait or twist on the hair shaft. This means a longer lasting impression on the hair shaft. As a result: when you pull out the twist or plait your disturbance of the hair has a less frizzing effect. Hair stays locked into the pattern longer and appears neater.

I personally find plait outs to give a wilder, edgier kind of style.


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