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Protecting Your Hair at Night

Monday, November 9, 2009

Key Tips for Covering Your Hair before You Sleep


* (As I’m from the Caribbean I say head tie but other names are head wrap, head scarf, bonnet, doo-rag or stocking.)

Due to the fact that you may in fact tie your hair for purposes other than for going to sleep on a pillow at night, it is quite possible that these tips will apply to you on a general basis of good hair care.

Remember hair must be able to breathe.

Use a silk scarf where possible. At all costs avoid cotton. Cotton gets caught up in your hair while silk glides over the hair.

Also cotton eventually absorbs the moisture present in your hair so that by the time you wake up you are back where you started.

When tying you hair up there is a general tendency to go as tight as possible, but be careful, tension headaches are a typical result of tying your hair tightly. Importantly, tying your hair too tightly may also cause hair loss in the crown area of the head.

Try tying your hair on the side of your head upon which you are least likely to sleep. So, if you ten to sleep on your front don’t tie to the front if sleep on your back don’t tie to the back. This is because the knotted area creates pressure on your head, when you lie on this knotted area for a prolonged you increase the pressure on your head and I personally increased the likelihood that you will be uncomfortable or eventually get a headache.

91112673It is a good idea to have multiple head ties, preferably two or three. This is because it is important that you wash your head ties as often as possible so as to prevent a build up of dirt and sweat that can cause acne. If you’ve ever spotted acne around your crown this could be a reason why.

All of the above are things you must keep in mind when coming up with your personal hair routine or regime.

Regardless of your hair texture, covering your hair properly is essential to ensuring that you go out into the world with healthy, beautiful hair so be sure to take advantage of the advice given in this article.

I want every girl out there to enjoy their natural mane.

❤ Kinjee


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    Monday, October 10, 2011 3:50 AM

    does it cause hair loss if you tie it up tight ????

    • Friday, October 21, 2011 10:33 AM

      I know more so about getting headaches but no not about hair loss. It is only so tight that you can tie your hair. Breathability though would be an issue.


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