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DIY Hair Care: The Wet Hair, Dry Hair Problem

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


     Some swear by the ease in which wet hair is detangled. I know I certainly do.

     Others swear that water does not make combing and detangling easier. In fact, some swear that this is actually a bad styling method.

     According to Dr. Gray, a scientist with P&G, hair is weakest when wet because water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in hair. Hair swells up when wet. Though the bonds reform when the hair eventually dries, it still remains that when wet the hair is in a vulnerable state.

     When these bonds break the hair changes shape (or texture) this allows the restructuring of hair into different hairstyles when wet. As a result wet hair is easily damaged when brushed, combed, detangled or towel blotted.

     Here are some tips to use for those of you out there who like to groom hair while wet/ damp.

1. Towelling- try towelling by moving the towel as thought you were massaging the hair rather than moving it vigorously in circle. In some cases, it may even be best to add this to your regimen- moisturize your hair when damp and wrap your hair in a headtie, or shower cap or towel. By the time your hair has really dried out, your hair will be moisturized enough to be manageable. Thus you would have avoided styling your hair in a weakened state.


2. Brushing- I say avoid this at all costs while your hair is damp. I have not come across any person who has stated that they don’t encounter hair breakage while brushing their hair wet. As well, I don’t find that brushes really provide the flexibility or the manoeuvrability a comb.

3. Combing- if you are going to comb your hair, use a wide tooth plastic comb or an afro pick.



Avoid hard plastics, use soft plastic (as shown above) as these have more give.


Avoid nonplastic combs such as wood or metal combs.

4. Try using your fingers to detangle since your skin should be more responsive to the possible situations of hair breakage.

5. Utilize leave in conditioners and other moisturizes to make the hair more pliable.

     Remember, of course, that choosing hairstyles and hair styling methods is dependent on your hair type and your hair regimen. If oyu practice styling your hair while wet, just do so wisely, if you do styling while dry, again, do so wisely. In short, do what does you the best.

These are my experiences,

❤ Kinjee

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