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Hair Mystery: Texture Appearance

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My hair is curlier:

Hair Progress 009

Rather than its usual kinky uniformness:

Here is my hypothesis.

    I plait my hair as a protective style after the mohawk on Saturday night. I had all intentions to rock a mohawk for Monday but as it turns out the hair just was not cooperative, so I did my hair in my usual head band- slide back.The No Night Out- Side Shots of Mohawk 028

     Now on Monday my hair was piecey due largely to the fact that the hair had been in plaits for two days.

     Today on the other hand my hair is another texture all together. I figured it would reverse back to my regular uniform afro (because I was lazy I didn’t replait my hair, instead I just covered it with a head tie and went to bed) but it didnt, it came out curlier, as in, more defined coils of hair wrapped around each other rather than individually.

Large Hair Spray Bottle

    My style regimen was not all that different. I woke up this morning and spritzed my hair with my glycowater mix (I just came up with this term but I like it so I’ll be using it again, it means glycerin, coconut-oil and water) threw the head band back in and wala! At the end of the day I realised that the hair had coiled differently.

     I’m thinking that it may also have something to do with how I initially styled my hair on Saturday. Because I washed my hair a few hours from my intended expedition to the club, I covered the plaited ends of hair with gel, the key thing is that (1) I was unable to let my hair dry out completely so I had to undo the plaits before they were dry and (2) I used a blow dryer. Immediately after I unplait my hair on Saturday, I noticed a coil difference, but I thought it would do as it usually did and dry out completely and go back to being an undefined mess. Interestingly it didn’t and now I’m wondering if I could recreate this hair texture again.

     Also of note is the fact that for the first time since I dyed my hair, my hair feels soft and moisturized again and not dry and brittle. I am certain this has something to do with my glycowater mix as well as the deep conditioner I did.

❤ Kinjee

P.s. I think it’s intriguing that both hair samples are approximately the same length, looking at them and how much they have kinked up, who would have thought? This really goes to show, I think, that kinky hair does grow and it is possible to have short long kinky hair!

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  1. Wednesday, November 11, 2009 6:45 AM

    Hair color is supposed to relax ur curl pattern, maybe that’s what happened?

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