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Mohawk: 4 Easy Methods

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When doing the mohawk (which is really a fauxhawk) there are four easy methods of achieving this style:

1.the slick up

2. the slick straight back

3. the plait up

4.the plait straight back

These methods are intended for when the hair is worn out, that is, not in two strand twist or in braids, simply out in whatever natural curl takes place. Of course it is also possible to style the hawk but that is another matter for another day.

Of course the general idea is that you will create a pronounced middle section of hair in the center of the head. Bear in mind that this section can be uniform throughout the head, that is, goes uniformly from the crown of the scalp to the nape of the neck or it could simply go for the front half of the hair, tapering off so that the back of the hair does NOT feature a prominent middle section.

Through the coming week I will be attempting these variations so that I may share them with you. I have already completed both slick methods. So those will be posted first. I will make all attempts to ensure they are as instructional as possible so that you may reconstruct them in the comfort of your home with your own hair care supplies and a mirror.

❤ Kinjee


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