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Cleaning Spray Bottles

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For someone like me, who uses alot of natural ingredients, I have to be especially wary about bacteria possibly growing in my hair care DIY products.

You should be wary too.

Bacteria build up is just plain nasty and dangerous, to your hair and to your body.

To properly clean out my spray bottles I separate them into their smallest parts.

Spray Bottle Parts 001

Spray Bottle Parts 009

Next I fill the bottle to the brim with hot water. Slosh it around a little then empty it.

I fill it again with more hot water, this time I use some soap (could be dishwashing liquid or hand soap), the idea is to get something which will bond with the oils and form scum. The choice of soap is completely at your disgression.

I leave the soapy water for a bit- maybe five minutes.

Meanwhile, I soap down the spray tube and run water over the nozzle and the tube as well- all this for about a minute or so.

Afterwhich, I then empty the soapy water from the bottle and refill and empty it several times with the tap water.

At some point, while the bottle is filled with clean water, I insert the tube and nozzle and spray and spray and spray until all the old water possibly caught up in the tube is expelled and only clean water remains.

For my own paranoia, I’ll do the above step more than once.

Finally, I empty the bottle and empty the spray tube (by spraying the water), wipe the parts dry and set them down on a clean towel to air dry.

Now, I am ready to refill with a next batch of whatever DIY hair care product I decide to make.

Hope this helps,

❤ Kinjee


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