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Post ‘Poo Evaluation

Friday, November 20, 2009

During this last wash I realised that my hair was still dirty.

I was using my sodawater ‘poo.

What I do to check and see if my hair is really clean?


I lightly drag my nails across my scalp.

Especially since I’m using sodawater, if I come up with any residue I know my scalp still has on last week’s oils.

Expect that if you are using regular shampoo or a co-wash, that you will get some residue for whatever product you put in your hair.  But generally, if I wash out as much as possible of any product I use and I still come up with residue after the evaluation I either

1. run more water through my hair


2. reach for the commercial (really just a sudsy) shampoo

Because sodawater is a presoak kind of product, using it while in the shower while my hair is wet is pretty pointless (I’d have to jump out the shower and wait all over again), so, cutting corners, I just use the regular shampoo if the situation is that dire that running more water does not work.

Easy. Breezy.

Hair’s to clean scalps,

❤ Kinjee

Clean scalps will certainly help you avoid my shocking revelation.


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