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Scalp Pimple:(

Friday, November 20, 2009

Since my latest hair washing, I have noticed a pimple in the back of my head :(.

Apparently, this could well be a sign of too much oils on the scalp. In effect suffocating whatever it is that needs to breathe.

I’ll be taking this as a sign to:

1. decrease the amount of glycowater I use on my hair

2. be more thorough on with my soda water ‘poo

3. look into the white vinegar method everyone has been raving about

Apparently sodawater is very good at drying out any oilyness on the scalp and is great once used sparingly. This bit of news is a double treat for me since I use soda water to avoid using commercial shampoos.

I haven’t gotten around to the vinegar as yet because as I’d have to actually go out and purchase some vinegar and I’m a cheap college student. When I do get around to it you can be sure I’ll do a full post on the experiment.

The glycowater has really done a great job of moisturizing my hair and I can’t honestly blame it for the pimple issue because I went for more than a week before washing my hair.  Yes, it sucks to be lazy.

My scalp was so coated that I had to wip out the HerbalEssence shampoo in order to fully get my scalp clean. On that note, you should see my post on how to tell if you’ve really cleaned your hair and scalp.

Interestingly enough, and this goes out to all you co-washers, too much conditioner can actually be a pimple inducer, especially if its oily. I found this interesting because I’ve read alot of instances where people add essential oils to their shampoos and their conditioners. This is yet another example of how must attempt to tailor a daily hair regime in response to what their hair is asking for.

Also, there is probable cause that harsh shampoos may cause breakouts. Since I’m one to champion natural hair products, this information suits me quit fine :), otherwise choose a shampoo with a milder base or just go for the darned baby shampoo.

Learn from my experiences,

❤ Kinjee

[Editor’s note: I’ve also realised that leaving a plastic shower cap on my head while sleeping or during the day could possibly be preventing my scalp from breathing adequately and thus leading to pimples.]


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