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Tacky Hair Gel

Monday, November 23, 2009

     Have you ever bought hair gel and discovered that it was watery? Was it supposed to be strong hold but either wasn’t holding much or took so long to get tacky that you couldn’t do your hair quick, fast and in a hurry?

     Well my practical little solution is to leave the jar of gel uncovered for a few hours. If I get a watery batch I’ll leave it open for the day and when I return it’ll be tacky, nicely tacky, wonderfully tacky. Tacky means that as soon as you put it in your hair it’ll get the job done, strong hold, sleek, quick hold.

Be sure not to leave it uncovered for too long or else it’ll be so tacky that it’ll be flakey when it goes onto your hair.

     Also, remember that the amount of the gel in the jar will determine how quickly it gets tacky. Don’t leave it for a day if you know you only have a small amount left in the jar you’ll end up with hardened crud.


By the way, EcoStyler and Fantasia IC are my favorites because they don’t contain alcohol and feature very little ingredients. For me, very little ingredients mean less chance of me finding out I’m putting harmful stuff in my hair. At least that’s how I think of it.

To tacky hair gel,


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