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Hair Update!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It’s been two weeks (maybe even three) of not combing my hair!

I can’t remember why are when I started, but I do know that some people have stated that they don’t comb their hair as part of their hair washing or daily hair routine.

Interestingly enough my hair isn’t doing so bad.

The most combing I’ll do is if my hair won’t slick (when only brushed) because it’s too lumpy. In such cases I’ll just dampen my hair then comb (with an afro pick) out the front. This way the hair lies flat when I gel it down instead of looky like a frizzy unruly mess.

What I have found is that there are some knot in my hair which come out if I was to pull at sections of my hair with my. In such cases I always see a tag at the root of my hair so I’m certain this is not a case of breakage. I suspect that I combing my hair, I’d have far more cases of breakage along the shaft of my hair as the comb engaged in battle with a knotty piece of hair.

While washing my hair I use the same routine except I don’t comb out, instead I drag my fingers through my hair slowly and carefully stopping and start whenever I meet hair resistance.  Same goes for when I am styling my hair as part of my daily routine, I leave out the combing  part and just fluff wherever necessary.

One thing I’ve noticed though, there is knottyness at the ends of my hair, not so bad though but I’m worried my fro might start looking like a pile of knotty ends. Hence, I’ll probably do a comb over once a month.

Hope that helps you join in the adventure that is natural hair.

To trying new routines,

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