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Glycowater and the Cold Weather

Friday, November 27, 2009


     This thanksgiving I travelled with a friend to DC. For safe keeping and simply because I can’t live without it, I brought my glycowater along  for the ride. By the time I arrived to her grannie’s house my poor product had frozen over


     Immediately I recognised that the coconut oil had solidified because of the low temperature.  I warmed it  up under some hot tap water and all was fine again.

The next night it turned out like this

probably because it wasn’t being  jostled around while it was solidifying. I left it standing on the desk and the oil just rose to the top and did its thing again.

     Unfortunately, I got it to liquify but it simply would not spray anything out the nozzle anymore. 😦 I was forced to wing it during my regular hair routine.

     Thankfully though, when I returned in the evening it was working fine again. Therefore, I figure I must not have heated the nozzle fixture itself to a sufficient temperature to liquify the solid coconut oil trapped up there.

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