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How to Preserve Twist Outs

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I’m writing this post because I saw it was a search question that led to my blog; I want to address it directly.

     Here I am with my forespecial (I wonder if anybody gets my obscure Stephen King reference) twist out (twists which were then tied into bantu knots).

So far as I have discovered on my own is that the best way is

  1. to not disturb it too much while it is open
  2. to tie it (whenever you can) whenever you are going to rest on it with your hands or on the pillow
  3. to spritz it with a product like glycowater in order to bring it to life the next day

All three are essential in order to preserve the the hairstyle.

     When using the spritz make sure you spritz well until the hair is damp and then plump it up using your fingers. Essentially all you are doing with your fingers is the claw- using your fingertips to move the hair around at the roots rather than the shaft.  Close you fingers together in an in and out motion to bring more life to the hair. Do NOT fluff your hands through the curls, remember you did the separation step already the first time you undid the twists, anymore will potentially just make your hair look like a frizzy mess.

Do these three steps and you should be ready to go.

     Bare in mind that twist outs will only last two maybe three days at the most. Personally by the third day my hair is beginning to look as though I’m locking it ( I get a large number of questions to that idea). And if I am lazy and I wait too long to comb out the remaining style then it starts to act like locks and become a serious annoyance to comb out (leading to hair breakage).

Plait outs for some reason will last slightly a bit longer.

Hope this helps,

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  1. Wednesday, December 2, 2009 8:29 AM

    So I had the same problem with my plait-outs however. I just got a friend of mine to plait them again so i can pluck them out for another day. This will not cork over spring or winter break.
    My hair stylist (Ms Brandy) and my natural hair stylist (Redz) said that when doing two strand twists you can use loc creme. This will help the style last for two weeks and it will not lock your hair if you wash it out after the two weeks or so.

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