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DIY Head Bands

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I’ve had this nifty little beginners item on my list of things to post for weeeeeeeeeeks.

So here goes.

     Headbands are an essential part of any natural maned girl. Honestly I don’t know what I would do if  I didn’t have mine.

Initially I bought loads of headbands all colors and sizes mostly the Goodie brand.

Initially I wore them as they were and they were never tight enough and would stick there oddly on my head because natural hair is just naturally poofy you know.

I’m not sure where I got the chutzpah to pop the darned things but thats exactly what I did.

     Instead of wearing the fabric headbands as they came I began pulling them apart so that the seam broke. This way I could now adjust the tightness of the band with a simple tying or untying of a knot.

When I am done, I now tuck the edges under the rest of the head band for a cleaner look but usually I just don’t care.

If I’m really persnikety I’ll trim the edges down a bit so that it looks more uniform.

     Note that after a while the head band will eventually stretch out. This doesn’t really matter except that the longer the head band becomes the harder it is for you to tuck the ends under because there is now so much extra length left.

     Also, the more stretched out the band gets the less width there is, meaning, the width of the band gets progressively thinner. Again, this doesn’t really matter except that there is now less surface area to displace the pressure of tying the band and this could lead to pressure headaches if you’re not careful enough. Note too that the stretchy headbands are more forgiving when it comes to pressure than a unstretchy kind.

     Additionally, I use to be all into colours, but honestly with the texture of my hair and the length, colors don’t matter because the headband inevitably becomes trapped under my hair. The only way this doesn’t happen is if I’m wearing my hair in a fro ponytail, at this point my hair is not yet long enough to cover the headband. So for all you twa’s go ahead get the colourful ish but be warned at some point while you’re growing out, if your like me, the color of the headband will no longer matter.

     Finally, I especially love the fabric stretch headbands obviously because they tie well but don’t be afraid to use other non-fabric bands such as these

 to add color or style.

Tie away my friends!


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