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Glycowater Tip

Thursday, December 10, 2009

     I realised something for the first time today, this cold weather dictates that I definitely have to shake before I spray.

     Ordinarily, I would shake my glycowater (what is glycowater?) every once and a while but after my experience today I have come to realise that remixing my glycowater is now a priority.

     You see, today I did my usual daily hair routine only to find out when I was out the door that apparently all the mixture I was using contained mostly coconut oil.

    Now I have oily residue in the center of my scalp where I sprayed the remaining vestiges of my glycowater.

    I’ve never had this problem before.

    This is most likely the result of me unknowingly using up the water part of the mixture so that when it came down to the last few sprays all that remained was coconut oil because oil rises as to the top as it gets colder. See this post for more on what happens to glycowater during cold weather.

    During the winter months shaking your at home solutions are a must in order to prevent what I experienced today.

     Be sure to keyword search: glycowater to find more information on my experiences with glycowater.

To new experiences,

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