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Natural Hair Vs. Permed

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like creation, I think this topic will be going on forever.

My take on it is simple, I wish women with ethnic hair (and I don’t know what is the rad diplomatic term to use anymore) would try to educate themselves about their hair before they make the decision that their hair is unmanageable and unsightly.

I have to question whether if the lady in the video below spent as much time as she does on her straightened hair if she would not have come out on the other side of the experience still wearing her natural curls.

I think the preconceived notion of difficulties and unsightliness precedes any efforts we put into our kinky hair. So that in the end most persons only give a half effort and find no joy from their small successes whatever they are.

Personally, if I had known how to manage my hair beyond cornrowing every sunday I don’t think I would have permed my hair. To be honest though, I love to try new things and it was kind of inevitable that I would have tried the chemical angle after all I’d been dabbling in hair dye for a year or so before.

Furthermore as a young girl I remember being fascinated with straightened hair (note not straight hair) and when me and my sister first found out how hot combing was done plenty of forks were ruined in our attempts to mimic it.

All this to say one thing, straight hair is a style (note not just a style)- it is a method to use for the expression of  one’s hair-,  but it is too often that I hear the same thing over and over again- “It’s too difficult to manage” or “I like long hair”.

Firstly, with education all hair is manageable. FULL STOP.

Secondly, screw that, natural hair CAN and DOES grow L-O-N-G!!!

And anyway, if it’s long hair people want then why don’t you hear more people getting afro- kinky extensions.

These ridiculous statements need to stop because too often they are used to indicate a singular story for ethnic kinky hair.

At the very least I’d like more people to earnestly try it for a period of five maybe even ten years. I’m talking about during adulthood when one is cognizant of decisions. Only then can you say that you made a real choice.

In 99% of permed cases I do believe that people perm their hair out of cultivated ignorance or cultivated prejudice.

Here’s the video

I caution you not to subscribe to this single story either. Keep an open mind about both sides of the natural versus permed issue.

Rockin’ the hell out of my naturally given natural mane,

[Editor’s update: Check out this blog post along similar themes]

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  1. Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:03 PM

    thought provoking…i hate hearing that natural hair is unmanageable when relaxed hair isn’t that easy either. appointments, running from rain, burns, sometimes limp hair, scabs, split ends, high cost. not exactly a cakewalk

    • Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:56 PM


      Everytime theres a a drizzle of rain outside I’m thinking to myself if my hair was permed I’d have to cover it. I’d have to run and go.

      Everytime I permed my hair I got burns no matter what…

      I am actually more excited to do my hair in its natural state than i was every to do it while permed!

      Thanks for you comment.

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