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A Guide to Shea Butter

Friday, December 11, 2009

Because of previous mishaps  looked into to my the quality of my own shea butter. See this article below for more infromation. Remember always strive to keep yourself informed.

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Refined Shea Butter
The type is usually white to cream colored, has no discernable nutty/smoky scent, and is smooth and creamy.

The difficulty with ultra or even refined shea butter, is in knowing whether that product has been commercially refined to remove its minerals and vitamins with a hexane solvent. Also, shea butter can be bleached to make it appear even lighter.

One way to determine a shea butter’s authenticity is to see if it has been cold-pressed, sometimes called cold-processed or expeller-pressed. The refined shea, which ranges in color from white to beige has had some of its vitamin/mineral properties removed in the process of refining, but it does retain a bit of a beige or light tan color and nutty aroma. The texture can be either creamy or chunky. The ideal shea butter would feel creamy and smooth and be absorbed into your skin quickly.

Also, the nutty and/or smoky scent should be lighter. Shea butter can be mixed with fragrances and essential oils to completely change the aroma, making it sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, herbal, etc.

While shea butter is added to a myriad of bath & body products, the best way to sample the delights of this African butter is to buy a small jar and try it for yourself to learn what is so great about shea butter.


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