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The Joys of Raw Shea Butter :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

In a fit of desperation this morning I grabbed the nearest thing to hand on my dresser….

     I’m behind schedule for work and lunch and I just took the shower cap off of my honey conditioner attempt from last night, my hair is wonderfully soft but I’m late. So I rough some large plaits up and then it comes time to tame the front of my hair.

    Now usually I use my ic gel + my commercial shea butter containing product

but somehow my hands reached to my container of raw shea butter that a friend had given me.



Lights and sparxxxx.

     Three hours later I’m taking a bathroom break and I realise my curl pattern is rocking!


     The gel has frozen the strands into a lovely coil pattern and my rush job has turned out fantastic.

Mind you this was the first time I had actually looked at my hair did.

     Apparently my raw shea butter (I suspect it’s golden) is heavy enough to keep my kinks down and moisturizing enough to make my hair springy and coily just the way I like it. In actuality it did a better job that the regular product I use, likely because its raw- meaning pure- so I’m getting the full effects.

I am so excited.

     This goes back to my afro issue. If I could get my coils to like that all over and not just at the front I’d be one merry camper.

To accidental happiness,


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