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What’s Wrong with My Hair?: Hair Diagnostic Tips

Friday, December 11, 2009

The article beneath is a repost from The Long Hair Community discussion board. The author: Kirin.


     We’ve all done it likely at some point, our hair stops behaving, or we’d like more shine, or more body, or more silkiness and try a slew of products……….. and then it happens!

     Suddenly, your hair lacks texture, or its very tangled, or its dull and dingy looking, frazzled, straw-like and matted…… and the more you do, the worse it gets. This just recently happened to me, and I devised a system for diagnosing my hair and its symptoms. All that is required, is a bottle of clarifying shampoo. This method will not work for those not wishing to use a sulfate shampoo. It *may* work with non sulfate poo, or shampoo bars but I have not tried either with this method, so results may vary!

     First, with a good clarifying shampoo, that is plain and non descriptive. Suave clarifying, or neutrogena, or V05 Kiwi Lime is good for this. Wash your hair. Wash it twice. (I washed mine three times) To be sure you have all product, silicones, and residues off of your hair. No matter what your hair feels like after you shampoo, don’t add anything else. Do NOT condition.

     Gently wrap in a towel and then let air dry, on its own with absolutely no leave ins, oils or any product. Your hair might feel…….. well………. abysmal. Thats okay, once diagnosed (whatever the problem is thought to be) you can correct it by re-wetting (no need to shampoo again of course) and use your treatment of choice.

     If your hair seems “bunched up”, crunchy dry, brittle, snappy and you couldn’t run a wide tooth comb through it to save your life, chances are your hair has had too much protein. In this case, you need moisture. (lots of it!).

     If your hair seems “wadded” wirey, fragile and the ends seem transparent, and the strands themselves seem rough, you likely need protein. Try a protein pack and then moisture afterward to finish.

     If your hair seems great and shiny, smooth and tangle free (lucky you but it happens), but was feeling awful before you did this, it could be one of two things. Either silicone build up or other build up, or you were just doing too much of a good thing before in your routine.

     If your hair is simply lacking body, and flyaway, moisture would help you. If your hair is a combination of any of the above, it is all right to take your “best guess” at a treatment that is best for you. The key is, try only *one* thing at a time. Re-wet your hair, and try a remedy, protein pack, moisture in an SMT or other moisture treatment, or just a simple plain conditioner.

     If your chosen treatment doesn’t seem to do the trick, you can repeat this process and try something else. However, do give a break to your hair, clarifying shampoo can be particularly harsh!


I don’t have a clarifying shampoo but I really want to do it!

I’ll try it with my sulfate shampoo and just wing it.

Wish me luck,

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