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Hair Update

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I’ve been a bad girl!

Recently, I’ve taken to tying my Barbados scarf on my head so it’s now become my head tie.

The problem is cotton is not on the recommended list of things to use as head ties…

But I’ve been lazy lately and I’m living out of a suitcase…I just haven’t had the oomph to go digging through two suitcases just to find one measly head tie.

Never mind though, my hair isn’t as dry as I thought it would be. This might have something to do with the fact that every day I spritz my hair with some glycowater.

This reminds me!

I used some of my facial toner– you know the one with tangerine and other essential oils- in my glycowater…now it has an awesome smell!

I used some of my personal stash of honey which turned the glycowater water a golden brown ish color, but it’s lovely!

Add some, gain some,

p.s. I’m going to church today, so I’ll have to undo my plaits. Stay tuned for the natural- hair- is- great- even- for- church picture post!

p.p.s. Perhaps I should consider sealing my ends with some shea butter given the harsh weather and all.

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