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What to look for in any of your hair products

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Honestly, I recommend using aqua/ water based products. I used to use hair products that were alcohol based regularly and my hair never ended up any better. I’m not saying ditch such products altogether but do make sure you use those kinds of products as little as possible and ensure you weigh the pros and the cons because alcohol based products will dry out your hair. In the long run you can end up undoing all the moisture you put in and especially as it’s winter you mightn’t want to use anything that has even a small chance of drying your hair out.

The long and short of it is, if you use five hair products I would recommend no more than two be alcohol based.

If you need any more convincing you should know that water based products aid in moisture retention and actually penetrate the hair shaft easily.

This takes us to the issue of hair grease/ mineral oil/liquid petroleum/ liquid paraffin/petrolatum.

The problem with petroleum products, instead of moisturizing, it coats the skin and clog the pores not letting in actual moisture and toxins out through the skin. The skin may feel smooth to the touch, but its actually coated with the oil.  As a result, it can cause acne, dryness, dandruff and other skin irritations. (

The same applies to the scalp. The scalp needs to BREATHE! The same applies to the hair follicle it needs nutrients not something akin to plastic wrap with lets nothing in and sucks moisture out. By coating the hair, petroleum also accumulates particles such as dirt  onto the hair shaft which leads to dirty hair, dirty hair is a major reason for inhibited hair growth and hair dryness.

So you’re rubbing all that petroleum goop on your hair thinking it’ll make your hair better but in all actuality you’re plugging your hair up, not feeding your hair, or dealing with the real problem. Repeat, PETROLEUM is not a MOISTURIZER! (Sidenote: it may be considered a good hair smoother if nothing else)

Moreover, according to Health Report UK , the body absorbs 60% of all chemicals we use on our skin and hair. If your interested in doing further research look into comedogenic substances.

Moving on, remember my Mane Tip which advocated that water is best moisturizer you could ever possibly find? Well then it should come as no surprise to you that water based products are the best when it comes to moisturizing hair. As always 🙂 try to find all natural products or organic ones.

If you can’t do the organic/natural thing search out products which have water/aqua or aloe vera as the first ingredient (or near as possible) on the ingredient list.

As always though, I can’t help but recommend that you use what works best for you, just be mindful and aware.


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  1. Sunday, December 27, 2009 8:11 PM

    great tips! I’ve been so much more diligent with ingredients these days and am glad that all of what I use is now hair healthy instead of just slapping on anything without knowledge 🙂

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