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Hair Update

Sunday, December 27, 2009

     If you have been keeping up with my posts you would know that I recently just ended a no-comb journey. One would have expected that after two  months of not combing my hair that it would have been quite a field day to comb my hair. However, I had virtually no hair in my comb after I combed my hair for the first time in two months.

     So imagine my surprise when I combed my hair a couple days ago and ended up with this in my comb

Ok maybe it doesn’t look like a lot (please give me your opinion here) but it is quite a lot of hair for me. I usually get less than half the amount of hair on the comb. It also hasn’t been more than two weeks since the last time I give my hair a comb.

Anyway, I’m not really alarmed, I’m more intrigued than anything else. Will pay close attention and see if this might be something that happens on a routine basis.

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