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Well Braided Hair but Hair GHETTO Still???

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As always, my posts are inspired by my real world experiences…

A couple weeks ago a girlfriend of mine arrived to school with her hair braided. The quality of the braids were excellent, you couldn’t tell the roots from the braided in portions and the overall effort was a 5/5.

The roots weren’t fuzzy.

The hair colors matched.

And yet, one fellow had the gall to mention that her hair looked “ghetto”.

Bearing in mind that this is the same guy who said my hair on my head looked like pubic hair I know we have to take this comment with a pinch of salt, but still I was flabbergasted.

What century do we live?

Now, I’ve seen some ghetto hair and this certainly was not it; so now my question is: “How can perfectly braided in hair be considered ghetto?”

I have to contrast this situation with a woman who wears weave, now there’s well done weave and there is “ghetto” weave. Notice how I take his inference to suggest that “ghetto” weave looks down right awful or indicative of social status.

In fact, either she looked cheap or she looked too black.

Anyway, I certainly don’t think he would use the term “ghetto” to describe a well done weave even if he does know that it’s weave in the girl’s hair and yet, when it comes to braids the first terminology is “ghetto”?

In such a situation I feel as if this can only be accounted for by prejudice. Clear cut prejudice of “Black” hairstyles. We have been braiding our hair for centuries (please correct me if I’m wrong) certainly when we braid our hair we maintain some semblance of our own culture when we place weave in our hair we do not. Obviously I understand that some “blacks” are genetically predisposed to type 1 hair but the core of my point is the immediacy with which a stereotypically black initiative becomes downgraded with a term such as is “ghetto”.

I feel as if a lovely style option for type 4 hair has been labelled with a negative stamp and this causes a great dilemma for those persons out there who wish to explore the creativity that comes from having type 4 hair.

Furthermore, what are we to do when we eliminate styling options like braids. What next? No to twists? Or will it be no to cornrows?

I feel like a dying breed sometimes. I feel like type 4 hair is a dying option. I feel like if my hair has so much to offer but is often times nipped in the bud by tasteless derogatory comments.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided if you choose to label my hair type styling choices as “ghetto” I shall retaliate by choosing to call my hair type styling choices “bougie”.

Take that sucker!

I’m creating a generation of persons who consider their hair and the styles associated with it to be the uppercrust styling challenges of the society we live in.

To me and my bougie afro:)

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  1. Saturday, June 12, 2010 8:41 PM

    speaking of suppose’d ghettoness i went too middle school with a girl she was chinese and black and she was populer anyway one day i had my braid’s in a bun since i was an arrd student i had too wear it in bun as i passe’d her she yelle’d ugly ghetto hair i ran back and told her oh yeah your weave is showing track’s big time boo i left swinging my braid’s a day or so later she tried it again but that time i told her oh well your hair is so freaking fried your not worth my time honey don’t know what ever happen’d too that girl

  2. Camille permalink
    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 8:00 PM

    you are creating?

    • Wednesday, February 17, 2010 9:45 PM

      i get hundred of views…yes im creating

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