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A Hair Typing System

Sunday, February 28, 2010

     Just today I’ve found myself getting back on the grind doing my hair research and such like and somewhere along the way I found the “Mizani Hair Typing Key” on the website for Mizani hair products.

It goes like this

Straight to minimal wave
Type I 
type I

Open wave

Type II

Loose S-shaped curves

type II


Type III
Distinct S-shaped curves with uniform wave pattern

type III


Type I
Defined, mixed curl patterns: loops to spirals; ringlets to corkscrews

type IV

Very curly

Type V
Defined curl with S-shapes forming into coils

type V


Type VI
Loose afro-medium coils close to the scalp

type VI

Very coiled

Type VII
Tight afro-distinct, springy coils closer to scalp

type VII

Zig-zag coiled

Extremely tight afro-interlocking coils and zig-zag patterns

type VIII
     I believe that I am either a type VII or type VIII. Type VI could have been me but is not because that hair type still features some wispy, wavy strands in and amongst the hair.  I think that type VII suits me the best because though my hair is tight and coily I wouldn’t classify it as extreme and as well my hair has some serious spring to it when pulled.
     This is only one of many different methods of classifying hair type and one must note that this typing system does not go into what the actual texture for any particular hair type is.
Typed VII or VIII,
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