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Four Reasons I Prefer My Mister Rather Than a Pomade (Or anything which must be applied by hand)

Monday, June 7, 2010

There is just something about liquids I prefer. I’ve always taken to sprayer-thingies rather than gels or pomades or grease. Actually a big part of me getting into taking care of my hair was my introduction to the mister. After thinking it over a bit I’ve come up with five great reasons why if you don’t already use a mister you should, and if you already do, maybe I can give you a new reason or two to add to your arsenal.

1. Using a mister means I don’t have to put my hands in icky grease. The fascination or lack there of actually extends to anything which leaves a residue on my hand, oily or gooey. When I was younger grease never came off and as I got older I started to avoid it with great passion. Even after I was introduced to the natural way of life rubbing stuff on my hands to then rub on my hair never appealed to me. I must admit that I’m less averse to the natural stuff than I am to the petrolatum ingredients of the world because thankfully shea butter and safflower oil actually gets absorbed into the skin after a moment.

2. A mister become incredibly useful when you want to mix stuff, particularly liquids (duh). It would be that much harder to apply my sweet orange essential oil if I had to take a chance of putting it into my palms first, obviously by the time it got to my hair most of it would be absorbed. Being able to mix it up is an extremely important part of going natural. The whole idea is that you find yourself and since everyone is unique, obviously we are all going to come with our own formulas as well.

Product Image for 461618

3. A mister allows you (as a kinkified person) to determine how damp you want your hair to be. I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t utilise dampness in some way when it comes to styling unfortunately, dousing your head in water just does not have that kind of effect. Using a mister also allows you to get even coverage so that every strand of hair gets the same nutrients (or whatever you’ve decided to put into the bottle).

4. As a beginner a mister opens the doorway to experimentation as it is the easiest way to get into the do-it-yourself theme. The art of  creating whipped butters and pomades take a little inspiration to get into and a lot more skill. A mister whisks you along this path without you having to feel all head over heels about it.

As usual,

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  1. cam permalink
    Tuesday, June 8, 2010 10:12 AM

    1) finally
    2) u cant really guarantee even dispersal of product with misters. beyond that, i concur with your sentiments- if you get 1 with a wide enough straw and nozzle emulsions also work out pretty well, if too small.. buss luck there.
    the things u normally apply with your hands are sealants and stylers tho.. it is really comparable?

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