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This Comb is a Must Have For ALL Naturals

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do yourself and your hair an immense favor and get one of these combs if you do not already have one. Hopefully you can see from the different angles of these combs that they have a kind of double tooth set- well that’s the extraordinary part right there. I recently rediscovered my mum’s comb and after using it I realised I have to find one for my collection when I return stateside.

In particular I love that I can much more easily put my hair into one (you Americans would call that I ponytail  I think). Usually I would have to comb out fully the hair that needs to lay down with an afro pick. Then I would need to lay the hair down using a thick, firm brush. With this comb I get to comb and lay the hair down because I can easily go from front to back. With the afro pick I was forced to comb my hair up.

Now the shape of the comb being on the side has its advantages. But the real kicker is how the teeth of the comb are organised. Speaking from personal experience, the combing process goes much easier – almost like butter- with this comb versus the normal combs, wet or dry. See, brilliant! Besides, anything which makes combing natural hair easier is a must have!

The comb pictured here I found on the William Collier Online Store for $4.98. My google seach also lead me to Flatiron Experts and Afro Hair Care Secrets .


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