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DIY How to Trim Your Ends

Friday, July 23, 2010


I’ve been having a battle with healthy hair vs damage so I decided enough was enough! I was going to do a thorough, almost strand by strand, destruction of the enemy that is hair damage.

For this you are going to need the help of one person. I used my mom. She was terrified of having to snip my hair but it’s so simple that she got comfortable with it. See, there was no room for error.’

What you need:

1. Towel (big enough to cover your neck and upper back area

2. Newspaper (or something to lay down on the ground to catch your fallen hair) (but you are going to be cutting so little off that you really should not be able to see anything on the floor when you are finished).

3. Barber’s Shears (NOT just any scissors, a barber’s shears MEANT for cutting hair)

4. Large Comb

5. Fine Tooth Comb (For parting the hair, and if you are brave, for use after you’ve combed with the large comb.)

5. Shea butter/ Any oil


In order to make this less cumbersome prepare your hair by plaiting or twisting into big parts. Bear in mind that you will be then parting these sections into much much smaller ones.

Hair can be dampened to help with combing but I do not recommend having hair wet.

Doing the darn thing:

1. Undo one section (i.e. one big plait).

2. Comb out thoroughly with big comb.

3. Part into smaller section. As thin a section as you dare go. The idea is to trim individually as much of your hair as possible. You should be able to hold this thin section comfortably between your index finger and middle finger. It should be so thin that its f and you would probably be able to count how many hairs are in it.

4. With the hair between your index and middle finger, starting at the roots draw your fingers down until you reach the tips of the ends.

5. Using the shears, snip less than an eighth of an inch, or as near a sixteenth of an inch as possible. That is correct, you are only taking off fractions here. If there are any knots or deformities immediately above where you snipped, feel free to snip that strand and that strand alone at least an inch or so above the damage. No need to get snip happy. If it’s not immediately reachable leave it. If it annoys you though be my guest and attack the darn thing.

Repeat  steps 2- 5 until a big section is done. AFter each big section is finished liberally apply butter or oil to the ends. Then retwist or plait. Hair should suddenly feeling smoother at the ends (at least this is how it went for me).

Then repeat from from step 1.

I do not go to hairdressers so if you are like me take care to do this trim every 6 to 8 weeks.


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  1. Thursday, June 2, 2011 5:01 AM

    How do you do the back of your hair using this method?

    • Friday, October 21, 2011 10:31 AM

      A mirror and by sense of touch. If I can’t pull it into view of my mirror I feel with my fingers to see how much is protruding (the lock of hair I’m cutting is between my index and middle finger).

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