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Interview: A Newly Natural Tiearra

Friday, July 23, 2010


Name: Tiearra Lewis
Age: 19
Location: Newport News, VA/Baltimore, MD


1. How long have you been natural?
My last relaxer was during the third week of March 2010.

2. How long was your hair after the big chop (or/ and how long is your hair now)?
My hair is currently about an inch in length.

 3. What products are you into so far?Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
I love the Olive Oil Replenish Conditioner. It really softens your hair and makes it easier to tame. I am using the EcoStyler olive oil styling gel. I really like this product because when it dries, it does not leave you hair hard and brittle.

4. What works best for you and what don’t you like?
I currently do not know what works best for me as of yet since I just cut my hair today. But I am willing to experiment and I’m excited to see my curl pattern.

5. What kind of reactions have you gotten? Have there been any support/ rejection/ dismissal?
My mother was hesitant at first because she loves my relaxed hair, but I stressed to her that it was time for something new. I have been getting relaxers since I was four years old and never really knew anything else but relax, relax, relax. The time came for me to let it go, and I did. My mom is warming up to it, just as I am. Whether I receive rejection or dismissal, I love my natural hair and look forward to wearing it like this forever.

6. What do you love most about the BC or going natural?
I love the fact that I am daring to be different than most of my friends and family. This was a personal decision that needed no consultation.

7. What was the biggest shock?
I was not really shocked when I got it cut. I really did not have a feeling at first because I was so ready to let it go. I am shocked at myself for allowing myself to not live by anyone else’s standards and realize I am beautiful, relaxed or natural.

8. Going into the BC and natural hair thing, what were your fears and how did you manage to get over them?
I was not fearful at all; just ready. My readiness overcame all other emotions.

9. Would you ever lock your hair? If so, why? If not, why?
Yes. I plan on locking my hair when it gets to length that I am comfortable at. Right now, it is too short. But locks were the driving force behind my decision to go natural.

10. What changes, if any, have you made to your own personal style?
I have not made any changes as of yet. I am confident in my new do and I do not believe my style is going to change.

11. Take this time to shout out anybody you like…
I would like to thank Nkenge Kirton for her continuous support and wonderful advice. She is the real inspiration behind my natural decision. I would also like to shout out Geneva and Christina, my natural suitemates.

If you are reading this then I would probably like to feature you too! Click on the link and get to it!


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