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The Thurgood Marshall College Fund Conference and Career Fair

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am attending the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Conference and Career Fair. I say the entire name out a second time because this event is prestigious. I got very excited when I discovered the opportunity and I am very excited to be here.

Now how does my hair fit in?

You see I agonised about what to do with my hair. I looked up and down for descriptions of conservative business professional requirements. I worried about what my hair would say about me and as crazy and wild as I am sometimes I want to be conservative as well. As you may well know, my hair now fits into a ponytail which means that it’s long and I’m no longer comfortable with having it fly in the wind when going to interviews. So, I endeavored to select the most conservative nondescript hairstyle I could possibly concoct. At the end of my efforts I came away with a low ponytail with a tucked under end because I didn’t want my hair to be in a puff at the back.

This may seem extraordinarily blah, but, sometimes blah says alot I think.

I came away from this research with a peculiar idea about natural hair in the corporate business professional workforce and I’ll share this with you in the coming weeks. I will also share with you a conversation with Karen Hunter, a Pulitzer Prize winning publisher and an all around successful black woman. With natural hair. It’s my sincerest hope to be able to pick her brain for a bit and discover her opinions regarding natural hair wear in the professional workforce. One thing I can share with you though is that she uses the same tricks as myself and every other natural haired chica I’ve met, she uses the gel (unfortunately, a brand I wouldn’t approve but I’m going to ignore that), a brush and a head tie to tame her hair and get those lovely waves that I’m always exclaiming about.

For a picture of my outfit for today click here.

Love my kinky women!

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